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C. F. Møllers Allé 40, 8. tv, 2300 København

C. F. Møllers Allé 40, 8. tv, 2300 København

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm


Art by Rit: Poster Artist - Pfolio Posters
Art by Rit is a Danish artist who has an intuitive approach to art. Rit describes her working method as letting the brush lead the way for the painting and the narrative. A universe that is colorful.

Rit creates figurative and abstract work and employs these techniques in her painting, drawing, and interpretation. Nature and the animal kingdom provide her with inspiration in the form of shapes.
Atelier 095: Poster Artist - Pfolio Posters
Atelier 095 is managed by the visual artist Lærke-Maria Schmidt. Her artistic universe is full of colorful and imaginative expressions that are inspired by her own life and the world's ongoing development.

Lærke-Maria Schmidt has recently made a worldwide collaboration with PUMA, and there is much more to come from her. We hope you're as enthralled by her amazing universe of cheerful art as we are.
Erika Panduro: Poster Artist - Pfolio Posters

Erika Panduro is a Danish artist who uses her iPad to create colorful and imaginative graphics.

Her illustrations are influenced by her own life in Copenhagen as well as her adoptive home country of Colombia.

Her art is calming, cool, and expressive, and we can tell you that it is charismatic, cool, and expressive. From Denmark to Colombia and back, the vibes are cheerful.

Fra karise: Poster Artist - Pfolio Posters
Fra Karise is a visual artist from Denmark. Since 2010, she has been painting, making collages, and drawing. Collage has been her go-to method of creating art for many years. Strong colors are used in this analog collage artwork.

Fra Karise, or should we call her Louise Skov, creates art that is not only beautiful but also bold and eye-catching for you to enjoy.
LAGALEBRI: Poster Artist - Pfolio Posters

Lagalebri is a Danish artist whose work blurs the lines between chaos and order. Line art and winding lines are prominent in the artwork.

Lagalebri is inspired by her surroundings, and her goal is to provide people with one-of-a-kind art that prioritizes sustainability and quality.

This is reflected in her worldview, which states that we all have a responsibility to protect our fragile environment.

LEA SONNE ART: Poster Artist - Pfolio Posters
Lea Sonne is interested in seeing what happens when unpleasant components, such as dismembered bodies, microorganisms (which we are all comprised of), or untamed feelings, are placed in a context with positive, bright colors.

As a result, her subjective perceptions of what we perceive as ugly/beautiful or good/bad are influenced.

She is offering people the most beautiful artworks played out simple and sometimes with a little tone of nudity to it.
Lot Winther
Lot Winther
Lot Winther is dedicated to expressing the beauty of female bodies and facial expressions in her art. She strives to capture the truth of a human being's state of emotion and position in whatever process they're going through with total sincerity.

Her art is intended to move the viewer from reflection to transformation by bringing people together in a realm where all forces fall away and the natural open mind and compassion shine through, allowing connection to blossom.
Phuc Van Dang - Pfolio Posters
Phuc Van Dang

Phuc Van Dang (1972) was born in Vietnam and came to Denmark in 1981. He studied graphic design and has worked with design, concept- and product development.

He explores themes such as identity, belonging, human nature and community engagement, and as a cultural facilitator he creates new connections between art, design and communication

Erika Panduro: Poster Artist - Pfolio Posters

TABBLO is a Danish artist whose inspiration comes from a love of the simple things that make life more enjoyable.

Perfect pink grapefruits, a bouquet of crisp tulips, and a delicious dinner table are just a few of the happy themes that abound in TABBLO's colorful universe.